About Us

Hydro Sanat Sharif

Hydro-Sanat-E-Sharif (the HSSH) was formed by a group of experienced, well-known and graduates of greatest industrial universities of Iran and Middle-East to bring their experience and knowledge together to set up a company which can contribute to the fast growing and young industry of Iran and make professional relationships with its counterparts in other countries and the region. Our company is young and new-born, but we are not beginners in this field, our engineers come from known companies from all over Iran and have graduated from the best universities, but our ideas are new, progressive and evolving. We have gathered together to make a difference, to contribute, and to help our industry improving.

The HSSH has been active in the technical fields including mechanics (designing and manufacturing Mechanical and hydraulic systems), Electronics (electronics and power), civil engineering and co-operating with companies active in import and export field, it also has played a part in Iran`s trade in the aforementioned fields with other countries in the harshest time of trade. We can act as the agent for various technological companies in Iran, or be their distributer, our experience in Iranian and Middle-eastern market has enabled us to be able to play a key role in the regions trade.

Having the considerable experience as the designer and manufacturer, brought to the company by the well-respected engineers and gained by the HSSH as a respectively newly formed company, and owning a factory to produce and assemble various products, has made this company eligible and ready to offer its service to various National and International companies and organizations. We are ready to provide you with all your orders as soon as possible. Our technical teams in the headquarter and the factory are trying their best for the satisfaction of our customers.

The HSSH is proud to use the knowledge and experience of its staff having degrees as follows from well-respected universities of Iran:

  • MS in Mechanical Engineering
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering
  • MS in Electrical Engineering
  • BS in Electronics Engineering

In addition to systematic implementation of projects, the HSSH is ready to co-operate with other National and International organizations or companies in these fields:

1- Offering technical support and consultation, designing, maintenance, and supervision in the field of hydraulic projects.

2- Offering technical support and consultation, designing, and supervision in the field of producing various steel portable and fixed structures and supervision during their production.

3- Designing and producing electronic and control cabinet by incorporating Micro-Controllers  and PLC

4- Control systems and precision equipment

5- Offering trade service to technical and industrial equipment, import and export. Acting as distributor or retailer for manufacturers from all over the world through the channels and experiences gained through hard work done by our staff and the company

6- Offering technical support, consultation, designing and implementation of projects in the field of ground equipment, including trucks and the necessary changes needed to be done on them to improve the productivity of system.

7- Designing and manufacturing agricultural machinery.

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Papers written or co-authored by our technical staff

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A.Alasti, S.Abbas Tahami


2.PIDController Design for Stewart Mechanism Using Random Optimization, Proc. Of the 11th Annual International Mechanical Engineering Conference

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4.Thermal contact conductance effect in modeling of resistance spot welding process of aluminum alloy 6061-T6. (ISI Cited)

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