Produced in HGHxx, HGCxxA, and HGCxxO models with 8, 10, and 12 bale capacity, and designed for easy attachment to front-loader, Bobcat or similar machineries, this grabber can act as a great help for lifting, loading and unloading bales of hay and forage, and saves the farmer lots of time, energy and money. In addition to that, the HGCxxA model, in beneath, is equipped with a canal for the picked bales to sort, so that no single bale on the field would be out of its reach. Only HGCxxA model is equipped with this feature and other models don`t have it. The HGHxx Grabber model attachess to front-loaders or other machines through a hinge.

The grabber is equipped with a hydraulic jack which pushes the hooks into square bales or takes it out. For this feature to work, you need to connect an extra hydraulic lever valve or such thing to control the valves of front loader.

The HSSH Grabber is designed in various models for various functions and tasks. Based on whether it is attached to bobcat or front loader, we have HGC and HGH, the former is attached to the front loader from its backside and enjoys at least two vertical walls beneath it, and the latter, is attached to the front loader through the over hinge and a special arm, so it does not need  those walls.

HGC08A and HGC10A models can almost do the job of our Collectors in collecting the hay and forage from the ground. If being dragged does not damage the square bales or the field is ready for them to be dragged on, driving on the field the device sends square bales into canals beneath the grabber and when it reaches the maximum capacity, the front-loader-attached grabber comes in to lift them.

HGC10A and HGC08A grabber models are recommended for collecting and loading square bales. And to load and unload the square bales collected, sorted, and left in bunches on the field using our Collectors, the HGC10O and HGC08O grabbers are recommended. (The HGC08A and HGC10A grabbers can do the same job but are heavier and bigger in comparison) and finally, to unload and stack the square bales in farms warehouse, HGH08 and HGH10 series are recommended.