Multidisciplinary Project Implementation

The HSSH designs and manufactures various kinds of required projects, has a great deal of technical support for its implemented projects, and offers consultation and supervision for your projects. Having a great team of engineers and technicians graduated from the best universities of middle-east, The HSSH is ready to design, implement and offer a long-lasting technical support for its projects.

Designing and manufacturing various kinds of systems in fields of Automation, Mechanics, and Hydraulics

The HSSH has been active in various fields of mechanics (designing and manufacturing mechanical and hydraulic systems) and electronics (electronics and power). All this precious experience in these fields as the designer and manufacturer has made the HSSH eligible and ready to offer its service to National and International organizations and companies.

Trade and Import

The HSSH offers great service for trading technical equipment. Having a long experience in import and export business and using the best trading staff and contractors, it can act as your retailer or representative in the fast growing and promising industry of Iran or Middle-east.

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Agricultural Div. Manager Hydraulic Div. Manager
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Tel.: +98 21 8848 2150


From Portable Pan-Tilt Units to Large Mobile Servo-Mechanisms

We executed many projects in field of hydraulics, servo-mechanism. For example, design and manufacturing a hydraulic leveling system for a 32tone truck, using proportional hydraulic control valves, with leveling precision of 0.1 deg. done in a full automatic manner; design and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders to be used in erosive, sea and low temperature environments; (more…)

Offering distribution services

We have imported and resold many components for building various machineries. Our engineers support every customers needs very well and are capable to offer interesting alternatives among the brands we supply quickly.
To name a few, Kubler, TR-Electronic, PSL as, DRE, Siemens, IMO, Senring, Moog, Maxon, Fenac, MTS, ….

Agricultural Machineries
Automation and Mechanization

Backed by our knowledge and expertise in hydraulics, mechanical engineering and automation, we have researched and developed 3 different machines so far that are customized for our market (suitable for most common method of farming, irrigation, etc.).

We will continue in research and development of agricultural machines.

Circuit and Block Design; Hydraulic Cylinder, Power Unit, Manifold and Block manufacturing

We provide full hydraulic services you may require from engineering, design, purchase and manufacturing. Contact us for more details about our capabilities.

About Us

Hydro Sanat Sharif

Hydro-Sanat-E-Sharif (the HSSH) was formed by a group of experienced, well-known and graduates of greatest industrial universities of Iran and Middle-East to bring their experience and knowledge together to set up a company which can contribute to the fast growing and young industry of Iran and make professional relationships with its counterparts in other countries and the region. Our company is young and new-born, but we are not beginners in this field, our engineers come from known companies from all over Iran and have graduated from the best universities, but our ideas are new, progressive and evolving. We have gathered together to make a difference, to contribute, and to help our industry improving. (more…)


Standard and Customized Hydraulic Cylinders

From standard hydraulic cylinders (ISO series), to customized cylinders to work in corrosive sub-sea environment with built-in position sensors, we provide solutions.

Our standard products are made with reference to ISO cylinder standards such as ISO 6020, 6022, 10762, 16656, etc. and are dimensionally compatible with major brands products such as Parker, Rexroth, Atos, …

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Hydraulics and Agricultural Machineries

Unit 2, No. 43, Ninth St.

Asadabadi St. Tehran, Iran

+98 21 8848 2150
+98 21 88104054
Import, Trade, Distributorship


Unit 3, No. 43, Ninth St.
Asadabadi St., Teharn, Iran

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